Baliku Diving

Amed on the East Coast of Bali is one of the premier dive locations of the world.

Bali lies in the south of the so called "Coral Triangle" which houses a vast amount and abundance of marine life/biodiversity. The coral triangle consists of the richest concentration of iridescent corals, fish, crustaceans, mollusks and marine plants in the whole world. The triangle hosts more than 600 species of reef building corals, which encompasses 75% of all species known in the world. 3000 species of fish have their home in the triangle and there are still many species to be found.

Amed on the East Coast of Bali is one of the premier dive locations of the world. From the smallest Macro opportunities to large pelagics and sharks, coral adorned wrecks and walls, Amed has it all. Baliku Dive Resort is also just 20 minutes from the famous wreck, the USAT Liberty in Tulamben.

Scientists and recreational divers continue to discover new species here, some of which are believed to be endemic. The rich bio-diversity is one of our many blessings. This small area may well represent the most biologically diverse undersea environment on earth.

Amed is an absolute mecca for serious underwater photographers and minute sea-creature lovers, who will find macro subjects such as shrimps, seahorse, rare nudibranches and mandarin fish. On the large end of the scale are migrating whales, dolphins, the occasional whale shark, Manta Ray, Hammerhead, Tiger and Leopard Sharks, which cruise Bali's sea. A trip across the Lombok strait from Amed to Bali's sister Islands, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan to sight the Mola Mola and schools of Manta Ray is an incredibly satisfying dive trip.

Above the water, the physical and cultural beauty of Amed is legendary, which means that unlike other great diving areas there is always something to do or see for you and your family during your surface intervals. The combination of beautiful, varied diving and plenty to do on shore makes Baliku Dive Resort - Amed one of the worlds best destinations for your holiday. Baliku Dive Resort encourages marine protection and environmentally safe ways of Scuba diving and will help/promote conservation and protection of the area and it's underwater life wherever we can by encouraging divers to enrol in an A.W.A.R.E. coral reef conservation program and regularly organizing environmental activities such as reef check and beach clean-up.