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Naturally stunning and tranquil, Amed is the premier scuba diving and snorkelling destination on the East coast of Bali.

Amed, with its many coconut lined bays, Japanese Shipwreck, coral-adorned reefs which are home to a myriad of exotic lifeforms, offers a dazzling snorkel or dive experience.

Amed, with its villagers living as they have for generations, devoted to their religion and delightfully bemused by visitors to their area - smiling faces - free spirits.

Sunrises that are staggering in their beauty, occasionally experienced on a traditional Jukung fishing boat, returning with breakfast in hand - too much fun.

Trekking the mountains and canyons surrounding our resort villas - with tireless, smiling village guides.

Watching the local silversmith artfully crafting in traditional fashion with great skill, pieces of true beauty to offer to his "guests" as he calls the tourists that visit his small shop.

Balmy evenings, stargazing an incredible nightsky, lulled by the gentle lapping of waves on the east bali shoreline. So far away from the bright lights, hustle and bustle - your Amed Bali Villa is a world away.

Occasionally spending time with the village folk of East Bali. They are happy to share their joy in, and love for, the arts. Giving and impromptu dance and skat singing performance or perhaps a flute recital. Spending time with truly simple and hospitable people.

Invitations to various local ceremonies, including cremations and weddings, both of which are joyous occasions for the Balinese Hindu.

Colorful events laden with ritual. Unique experiences - all on the doorstep of your villa.

It is in this tropical paradise, that you will find Baliku Boutique Resort.

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