Well outside the exclusion zone and accessed via the Seraya Coastal road or the Rice field view drive passing by Berina and other scenic spots.



The dive sites of Bali's north-east coast around Amed and Tulamben are mainly situated on a nutrient rich bottom composition of volcanic black sand and rocks. Undoubtedly one of the best and easiest wreck dives in the world can be found here at the remains of the USAT Liberty, a 120m victim of the Second World War.

Beside this famous wreck there are some beautiful locations with abundance of marine life which are loved by underwater photographers who return time and time again. Large bumphead parrot fish, sweetlips, garden eels, batfish and a 'house' barracuda, Large schools of big eyed trevally and different types of Pygmy seahorses (Hippocampus denise and bargibanti) and an incredible diversity of rare nudibranches are among the inhabitants of the area. Beside some dive sites accessible from shore, many diving locations here are visited by local (Jukung) boat.

There are numerous places along this coast that have very good conditions for scuba diving, however many have not yet been surveilled and therefore carry no particular names.


The Amed area constitutes a 9km stretch of bays and fishing villages. From a landscape point of view Amed is much prettier than Tulamben. Sandy beaches as opposed to Tulamben's stony beach a definite advantage.

This area was first discovered as a dive site in 1984. A site with such a variety of hard corals, magnificent barrel sponges and gorgonian fans it could serve as a king of museum of coral diversity.

The conditions are easy, very rarely any wave action at the surface and the visibility usually 15-35 metres.

TYPE OF DIVES Wreck diving, wall diving, drift diving, night diving, shore diving, photography.
VISIBILITY 15 - 35 metres
DEPTHS 3 - 40 metres (average = 18 metres)
CURRENTS Zero to Mild
SUITABILITY Suitable for all divers, novice to experienced.
CONDITIONS Small local jukung hold 2-3 divers and a boat man. Be aware of small boat procedures (i.e. donning and removing equipment in deep water), black sand, white sand beaches sloping into the water, coral reefs and walls, and wreck.
HIGHLIGHTS Incredible diversity of nudibranch. Density and variety of fish. Fantastic coral formations. THE most beautiful night dive at Baliku home reef. Photographers heaven.


  • Jalan Melasti – Shore Dive
  • Pyramids – Boat Dive
  • Jemeluk Bay – Shore Dive
  • Canyons – Boat Dive
  • The Wall – Boat Dive
  • Komang's Gardens – Shore Dive
  • Lipah – Shore Dive
  • Bunutan – Boat Dive
  • Deep Blue – Boat Dive
  • Potato Field – Boat Dive
  • Japanese Shipwreck – Shore Dive
  • Ghost Bay – Shore Dive

STRONG CURRENT Experienced divers ONLY

  • Golden Rock – Boat Dive
  • Waterloo – Boat Dive
  • Kusambi – Boat Dive
  • Three Fingers – Boat Dive
  • Gili Selang East – Boat Dive
  • Gili Selang West – Boat Dive


Tulamben is now one of the most famous diving areas in Bali and attracts divers from all over the world. Here is where you can hear the news about conditions in the different parts of the island or exceptional events, like the sighting of a whale shark or mola mola and here is where you are likely to meet internationally recognized underwater photographers and writers.

Situated on the north east coast 20 mins from Baliku Dive Resort, the bay receives plankton rich water from the major ocean current that moves from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean or vice versa. The wreck, rocky wall and sand slopes provide a wide variety of physical habitats.

All of these factors explain why the Tulamben bay contains an incredible diversification of the underwater ecosystem.

Listed as one of the best wreck dives in the world, amazingly enough the hull is relatively intact and has formed a beautiful artificial reef providing home to thousands of marine animals, plant life, hard and soft coral. This dive site starts at a depth of 5 metres (15 feet) and reaches a depth of 28 metres (93 feet), with visibility ranging from 25-50 metres (75-200 feet). This makes the wreck ideal for the beginner and the more experienced divers.

TYPE OF DIVES Wreck diving, Wall diving, Drift diving, Night diving, Deep diving, shore diving, muck diving, photography.
VISIBILITY 12 – 50 metres
DEPTHS 5 – 40+ metres (average = 18 metres)
CURRENTS Zero to Mild
SUITABILITY Suitable for every level and interest.
CONDITIONS Black sandy slope with 120m shipwreck, coral garden and wall. Uneven footing on the fist sized black stones of the beach can make entry tricky, especially when there are waves present. It is definitely well worth the effort though.
HIGHLIGHTS Fabulous photographic opportunities. Fantastic full moon night dives. Color contrast with black sand, fantastic diversity of marine life.


  • USAT Liberty – Shore Dive
  • Drop Off – Shore Dive
  • Kubu Wreck – Shore Dive
  • Coral Garden – Shore Dive
  • Seraya Secrets – Shore Dive
  • Monkey Reef-Shore Dive
  • Rubaya – Shore Dive
  • Batu Kelebit – Boat Dive
  • Palong Palong – Boat Dive
  • Alamanda – Boat Dive
  • Emerald – Boat Dive
  • Batu Belah – Shore Dive
  • Segara (x3) – Shore Dive
  • Batu Niti – Shore Dive
  • Melasti – Shore Dive